Fur Foam, Foaming Pet Cleanser is an effective Pet Shampoo, with a gentle formula of natural vegetable enzymes, which quickly and effectively cleans and deodorizes your pet's coat. This unique product requires No water, No Rinsing and leaves No Residue! Your pet's coat is left silky soft, shiny and odor free. Fur Foam' 100% natural, food-grade vegetable enzymes deep clean without harsh chemicals, detergents, or perfumes. Fur Foam is safe for pets and their environment. So gentle, Fur Foam will not irritate eyes, skin, or sensitive mucous membranes. For an average pet, a 7oz. can will provide 20-25 shampoos. Within seconds of applying Fur Foam to the pet's coat, the strongest organic odors are neutralized and tough stains are easily removed. Non-Toxic, Non-Irritating & Hypo-Allergenic! STRONG ENOUGH FOR SKUNK ODORS! Comes in 7 oz. Mousse container.

Manufacturer: Beaumont Products, Inc.

Type: Foam Pet Shampoo

Size: 7 oz.